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BSNL Broadband Home Plan125

BSNL has decided to introduce a new Broadband Home Plan125 as per details given below:

Particulars - Home Plan 125
Bandwidth - 256 Kbps/ up to 2 Mbps
Monthly Charges (Rs.) :- 125
Download/ Upload Limit Per month - 150 MB
Additional usage charges / MB beyond free download/ upload limit (Rs.) 0.90
The above tariff will be effective from 1st March, 2008

1 comment:

@kH!L said...

dats another joke frm BSNL

MTNL provides 200 MB free to all landline connections
at no rental

dat is, js to try broadband

I wonder if BSNL wud learn smthing

Thanx for dis info dude