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Use SMS to send email minus Net

BANGALORE: MyDuniya Networks on Tuesday announced the launch of an service which will allow mobile users to send emails, save and retrieve personal information and share contact details just by sending an SMS and without having to access the Internet.

Currently available for Airtel subscribers in Karnataka, the service will be expanded nationally and to other telecom operators soon, the Bangalore-based startup founder and chairman Jagdish Kini said.

The SMS-based application also supports interactive group messaging and allows files to be sent to e-mail addresses. Commonly-used files such as brochures can be stored on the company’s server and data up to one megabyte can be sent to e-mail addresses using the SMS shortcode 53695. “There is a digital divide between mobile users and web users. This service is a way to bridge this divide,” Mr Kini said.

MyDuniya also has a platform for enterprises and web portals to allow access to customers through the mobile phone. The company says the platform supports two-way interactions and can be leveraged to provide personalised information.

“The goal of the service is consumer convenience and the mobile market is our biggest market. We have launched our initial service on the SMS platform considering that SMS is the most widely used non-voice service” CEO Ganapathy Subramanian said.

With 260 million subscribers, India has the world’s second biggest mobile user base. The country has some 3.9 million broadband connections and about 32 million active Internet users.

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