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BSNL all set to launch wi-max service

LUDHIANA: Moving a step further in providing wireless broadband services to customers, BSNL is ready to launch wi-max service in the city. Of the
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total 54 towers, it has installed 37 here and users will be able to get the facility in the first week of January.

An official of the department said, “Till now under Wifi system, a subscriber gets a limited speed that is restricted only to one room, but with this, speed will be faster. The max service will work on the same principles as that of mobile phones and the department will be installing range towers to serve the purpose.”

He added, “With this system, the problem of traffic load will come to an end. Also, it will help the department in allotting more and more broadband connections which was not possible earlier in case of landline connected broadband service.”

Notably in Ludhiana district, there are 30,000 broadband users. Officials hold that the technology would not only contribute towards good speed, but also give subscribers an option to use it anywhere, as all these towers would be installed at a distance of 15 kilometre.

Talking to TOI, CS Bhanot, BSNL general manager, Ludhiana, said the department planed to introduce this service in the district in the first week of January as out of 54 base transmitting system, 37 transmitting towers had already been installed and work on others was under way. Bhanot added, “On taking the connection, the subscriber will be issued a number and while using the broadband, that number will be used as password and the charges will depend on the usage.”

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