Which broadband gives reliable and efficient service.

Airtel Broadband - Speed on Demand

New Delhi, Delhi, December 21, 2009 /India PRwire/ -- Spread the cheer this Christmas! Help Santa deliver more gifts this Christmas and you could win Speed on Demand vouchers worth Rs. 100 in return ! Play more to speed up your chances of winning.

Play at www.airtel.in/speedondemand

Also Airtel Speed-on-Demand has turned all new !. The service has been made really simple by Airtel. Now you don't need to use the keyboard at all. No entering complex usernames and passwords. The system automatically picks up your DSL ID and IP address of your Broadband connection and you can upgrade to a higher speed in just 3 clicks. The rates have also come down .

256Kbps : Rs 10 / hour
512Kbps : Rs 20/hour
1Mbps : Rs 50 / hour
2Mbps : Rs 75 / hour

The interesting thing is that if you are downloading a video or uploading the file, and decide to upgrade to a higher speed thru speed-on-demand, you don't need to restart whatever you were trying to download or upload....the file transfer speeds up from that point itself. In case of a power failure, once you switch to UPS supply , this functionality goes back to the selected speed and one doesn't need to start speed-on-demand again . Whats more, the service prompts every 1 hour to continue - and in case no action is taken, an auto cut eliminates the possibility of forgetting to switch off Speed-on-demand. And yes, it'll not work unless you are connected to Airtel Broadband !!

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