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Bharti Airtel offers Encyclopaedia Britannica subscription to broadband users

MUMBAI: Bharti Airtel has entered into an exclusive partnership with Encyclopaedia Britannica. With the deal in place, the Airtel Broadband users will get a two year free subscription, worth Rs 6,575 to Britannica online.

Bharti Airtel Telemedia Services joint president K Srinivas said, “Our partnership with Encyclopaedia Britannica is part of our larger commitment to offer an enhanced broadband experience to our customers, especially to children and the young adults. Encyclopaedia Britannica has created a huge body of content for Indian audiences in art, culture, cinema, education across various mediums and is in line with our commitment of partnering the world’s best for offering innovative content for customers.”

Britannica, one of the leading sources of authentic information, has over 100 million users worldwide and is trusted by over 4,750 universities. As part of its unique collaborative tools, the website also allows customers and members of the public to contribute to the encyclopedia for review, by its panel of eminent scholars including Nobel laureates.

Encyclopaedia Britannica president Jorge Cauz said, "Britannica Online contains rich information along with rich multimedia, and that makes it an excellent match for Bharti Airtel's broadband service. India is one of the largest English speaking markets and is an important market to EB's expansion plans in the Asia Pacific."

The partnership comes on the back of Bharti Airtel’s initiatives to enhance broadband experience through innovative offerings like high speed experience plans, cloud computing solutions and a host of value added services.

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