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Airtel Broadband Is Getting Better

For some reason i thought of using Airtel's Broadband again. I don't know why but i again started believing that it may provide better services this time around, than what they did before.I think this time around i am very much satisfied Airtel Broadband.256 Kbps for an Unlimited connection at 999 INR is not a bad deal considering the fact that now their connection quality is much constant, consistent and better. What else do you need?Well, state of art customer care helpline. I was impressed by the way their agents help you out. Nice to talk to. And eager to solve your problem at the earliest.Wow, is that really Airtel :)Well Done!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I joined the Broadband Forum, as I wanted to post a thread to know as to how the Broadband speed of
internet is likely to follow in India in the near future. There is talk every day on the distribution of new licenses
on G3 Technology , additional spectrum etc.

Presently various ISP like Airtel , BSNL offer Broadband upto 8 Mbps but we generally get about 60-70 Kbps data transfer speed on the file transfer. I was curious to know the near future technology details in this area. But I was not able to post my thread.

For normal use, this download of 60-70 Kbps is Ok but for running full fledged ERP System, actual data transfer speed of 300 -500 Kbps would be really OK. I wanted to know when that situation is likely to be achieved in India atleast in Delhi / NCR when we can get data transfer speed of approx 300 - 500 Kbps on normal domestic connections.